Mega Sorbothane Feet

Pangea Mega Sorbothane Foot

Pangea Mega Sorbothane Feet


Upgrade the performance of power amplifiers and other ‘weighty’ AV gear with Mega Feet from Pangea Audio. You may not be getting the full performance potential from your components if you’re not isolating them from room vibrations. Pangea Audio Mega Feet are made specifically for power amps, receivers, power conditioners, and other heavier components. Pangea feet help keep the muddying effects of vibration out of your signal chain, letting you enjoy cleaner, purer audio and video.


  • Isolation feet for power amplifiers, receivers, power conditioners, and other heavier AV gear
  • Made from Sorbothane visco-elastic polymer
  • Proprietary shape for maximum effectiveness
  • Weight Capacity: 80lbs per set of four Mega Feet
  • Dimensions: 2″ wide, 1.5″ high

Pangea Mega Feet - 4 Pack

Pangea Mega Feet - Diagram