AC-14 Schuko Power Cable

Pangea AC-14 Schuko Power Cable

Pangea AC-14 Schuko Power Cable

Pangea Audio’s AC-14 power cable is specifically designed for source components, which do not require the same large amounts of current as receivers and amps. The AC-14 provides more than enough current while offering multiple shielding and other features that facilitate extremely clean and noise-free power.

Pangea AC-14 Schuko Power Cable – Cutaway


  • High-quality Schuko-type plug
  • Designed specifically for wide-band delivery of power to line-level AV components
  • Specifically designed to enhance the performance of preamps, CD players, DVD players, DACs, and other line-level components
  • 99.99% purity OFC conductors for maximum conductivity
  • 14-awg construction for optimized line-level current delivery
  • 2-way multi-gauge geometry with isolated bass conductors
  • Counter-spiraled conductors for superior noise rejection
  • Triple-shielded for superior RF- and EM-interference rejection and for optimized isolation of sensitive source components
  • Superior flexibility for easier installation
  • Lightweight design doesn’t impede the effectiveness of isolation devices
  • 24k gold-plated contacts for superior electrical contact
  • Special two-shot molded connector bodies protect vital AC connections for maximum current delivery and long life

Pangea AC-14 Schuko available with a C7 termination.