AC-14 XL Power Cable

Pangea AC-14 XL Power Cable

Pangea AC-14 XL Power Cable

Pangea AC-14XL reference power cable for source components uses highest purity PCOCC copper conductors and features a screw-in ground pin, premium connectors, increased shielding, and more.

Pangea AC-14 XL Power Cable Cutaway


  • Reference power cord for source components
  • Improves transient response, very low noise floor
  • Designed for wide-band delivery of power to line-level AV components
  • Specifically designed to enhance the performance of preamps, CD players, Blu-ray players, DACs, and other line-level components
  • Highest purity PCOCC (99.9999% pure) copper conductors
  • Increased shielding (compared to AC-14SE)
  • Improved cable geometry to reduce the background noise (compared to AC-14SE)
  • Multi-stranded copper conductors for a net 14 gauge
  • Two-shot molded connectors to securely seal the AC and IEC ends from damaging oxidation
  • Proprietary cable geometry for reduced background noise
  • Triple-layered shielding for reduced RF and EM interference
  • Solid copper blades for the AC connections
  • Screw-in/screw-out solid copper ground pin
  • High grade IEC connector
  • AC and IEC plugs now are clad in a beautiful gunmetal grey metal casing
  • Cable jacket has a stealth-looking black and silverfish-grey finish
  • Lightweight design doesn’t impede the effectiveness of isolation devices

Note: Each Pangea cable is individually handmade to strict design specifications.